Mashiach, Mashiach, Mashiach

BuiltWithNOF was created to show Messiah from Scripture, BOTH, Tanach and Brit Chadasha.

We believe:
That ALL 66 books of HaShem's word is Torah.

We believe:
Yeshua is the long promised Messiah of Israel. Divinely appointed by the Holy One of Israel (Blessed by He) to redeem men from their sins.

We Believe:
G-d spoke through Daniel to tell when the Messiah would come. Daniel 9:24-26 and in that message He told us that Mashiach would come before the last Temple was destroyed.
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We believe also if you do not have the FAITH of Abraham you will not see Heaven and you will be separated from The Holy One (Blessed be He).
Your choice, PERIOD, No Other Way. The only way to the Father is through the SON! - Yeshua Ha-Mashiach!!!

First He came to atone for our sins as Mashiach ben Joseph!!!.
Next He will come to Rule and Reign over ALL the Earth throwing the yoke of the nations off of Israel as Mashiach ben David!!!. Hallelu-Yah!!!


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